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Dr. Zheng Zhimin
Dr Zheng Zhimin Psychiatrist in Singapore sitting relaxed in a grey chair
“I have seen how significantly mental wellness can affect the quality of life and wellbeing for both the person and their caregivers.

I hope to make a positive difference in as many of these lives as possible through a compassionate and holistic approach to care."
About Dr. Zheng

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As a working mother of two young children, the many roles that I play in daily life have helped me to develop a deep sensitivity and keen listening ear in my work as a psychiatrist.

I want to get to know you as a person

My holistic approach to care

I believe in combining up-to-date evidence-based treatment with an emphasis on thorough understanding my patient's unique needs, to provide a care plan that is individualised and collaborative.

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My achievements & credentials

I have practiced Psychiatry in the public sector for more than a decade, managing a wide range of psychiatric disorders, while providing specialized care to gender and sexual minority groups.

My services

Our journey together

General psychiatry & care

The stress of living in a fast-paced urban city like Singapore can predispose individuals to higher risks of developing psychiatric disorders.

It is more common than you think, and having a safe and private space to talk about your concerns is what I provide.

Gender & Sexual Minority Care

Individuals of gender and sexual minority groups are shown to be at higher risk of developing depressive and anxiety disorders, compared to general population.

I provide a discreet and safe space for you to talk about your concerns without judgement.

Women's Mental Health

Modern-day women play more roles and carry more responsibilities than ever before.

From the challenges of managing stress in school and at work, to family-planning and parenting, I am keen to journey with you.

Training & education

I can help you and your organisation understand more about mental wellness, recognizing signs of psychiatric disorders, and managing stress effectively in our fast-paced society.

Consultancy & talks

The goal of my consultancy and talks is to equip organisations with effective mental wellness practices to optimise overall wellbeing of staff, so as to achieve higher productivity and job satisfaction.

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