Mental well-being at workplaces is often missed

"92% of employed residents in Singapore are stressed... above the global average of 84%."

CIGNA, 2019, and CIGNA, March 2021.

Your employees' mental well-being is directly related to their productivity and output. I can help you and your colleagues to learn how to manage stress and optimise mental health through talks and consultancy.

My services for organisations

Training & education

During my service in the public health sector, I was active in providing training and education regarding psychiatric disorders and mental wellness to various community providers, organizations and medical students.

I believe that knowledge is power, and being aware of what it means to have good mental health is key to prevention of psychiatric illnesses. I have observed that many of my patients suffer from symptoms of burnout and stress for long periods of time, before finally stepping forward to seek help.

If you would like for your organization to understand more about mental wellness and managing stress effectively, do reach out for a discussion on my services in this aspect.

Doctor Zheng Zhimin Psychiatrist in Singapore giving a workshop

Consultancy & talks

As an experienced practitioner in general psychiatry and gender/sexual minority healthcare, I have a deep understanding of the psychological and social needs of various population groups, and have collaborated extensively with various community providers in mapping healthcare needs and provision of care.

If you seek to establish effective mental health practices and policies to better the organization and the individuals working in it, do reach out to me for more information.

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