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Depression is a multifactorial illness

Consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Zheng Zhimin said in an interview that depression is a multi-factorial illness, mainly caused by biological, psychological and social factors.

Could the obsession to eat 'healthy' be an eating disorder? What to know about orthorexia nervosa

If you won’t eat unless the food is organic, GMO-free and has no carbs, additives, preservatives, artificial sugar or sodium – to the point of affecting your relationships and social life – you’re not just being picky.

Terlalu memilih makanan ‘sihat’ sahaja: Apakah ini sejenis gangguan pemakanan orthorexia nervosa?

Keasyikan untuk makan apa yang dianggap sebagai makanan 'sihat' mungkin masalah pemakanan yang dikenali sebagai orthorexia nervosa.



Working out the brain

Dr Zheng Zhimin made an appearance on Work It. She talked about brain health, if it is the same as good mental health, and the steps you can take to promote brain health, with Stanley Leong and Cheryl Goh.

现心理健康问题 应及早积极求诊

Dr Zheng Zhimin shares with LianHe ZaoBao: Why people with mental health problems should seek medical attention as soon as possible...

ADHD: Grown-ups have it too!

When it comes to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), kids grow up often undiagnosed, only to continue struggling with the same inattention problems...

A calmer life through mindfulness living

Most of us lead busy lives, we may overstretch our boundaries without realising it and become overly exhausted. Mindfulness helps us self-regulate better...